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Red Teaming

The Red Team focuses on key objectives, seeking to gain access to sensitive information while deploying stealth and evasion/obfuscation tactics in order to avoid detection. Typically, a Red Team assessment will lay out specific objectives and targets. In spending more time in reconnaissance and requiring more resources, Red Team assessments may result in a more thorough comprehension of the level of risk that identified security vulnerabilities might pose to the organization.

Red Teaming places substantially more focus on remaining undiscovered by existing defense strategies. Most often during a Red Team exercise, an organization’s security team will be unaware of the assessment, allowing the Red Team to assess the organization’s ability to react to various threats.

Red Teaming typically involves social engineering attacks, device planting, card cloning, tailgating, physical entry attempts, and so on, to circumvent existing security measures. After 360 Advanced completes a Red Teaming exercise, your organization will have gained sufficient insight as to existing vulnerabilities, allowing you to prioritize future security improvements, as well as upgrade to a very strong security posture across all components.

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